women’s cut

Cut and blowout: $110

Master Stylist
Cut and blowout: $90 to $100

Senior Stylist
Cut and blowout: $70 to $90

Cut and blowout: $60

New Talent Stylist
Cut and blowout: from $40

For girls 12 and under
20% off the cost*

*Excluding New Talent and Directors.


Blowouts: from $47

Master Stylist
Blowouts: from $43

Senior Stylist
Blowouts: from $40

Studio Stylist
Blowouts: from $35

New Talent Stylist
Blowouts: from $32

For girls 12 and under
20% off the cost*

From $70

*Excluding New Talent and Directors.
Prices can vary based on length, thickness and styling details.


Colour Retouch
From $70

Foil Hi-lites
Full: from $120
Partial: from $90

Specialty Colour
Balyage, Ombre: from $180

Colour Correction
Based upon consultation

*Prices can vary based on length, thickness or extended time between services. Our colourists will be happy to quote you an estimate before you start!

All services include an Express Dry. Additional services, such as a full Blowout or Haircut, can be added.


Customize Your Treatment
$15 to $35
Hair is made instantly manageable and colour more luminous and long-lasting. An ideal pre and post treatment is selected from Kérastase, Davines, Olaplex, and Smartbond.


Permanent Wave: from $100

from $350
Create a smoother, frizz-free and long-lasting canvas while restoring natural shine and making hair healthy and more manageable all without toxic chemicals.

Whether you’re interested in adding length, fade resistant highlights or volume to fine hair, extensions are a great way to dramatically change your look. Contact a Customer Care Representative about scheduling a free consultation.