“Our mission is to celebrate beauty and inspire our guests with an exceptional salon experience.”


The team
Every member of our Award-Winning Salon Team loves what they do, and it’s this passion that keeps our salons buzzing with a creative energy.

We nurture creative talent like no other
We develop Stylists from within. They master their skills and the latest trends through our Salon Academy, Mentorship Program, and Advanced Educational Seminars. It’s no wonder people speak so highly of Venere Stylists, and why we consider them Artists.

International exposure
Intercoiffure and Haute Coiffure Francaise have recognized Venere’s unique achievements. As active members of such elite international associations, it offers Venere a gateway to exclusive education and industry innovation. It serves to invigorate our team with the freshest insights which we are eager to share.

What to expect
Like any good relationship, communication is the key. Share all of your hair secrets, all of its shortcomings, what you like, what you don’t like. We make relationships work and you’ll look terrific!